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How do Muslim pilots who are rostered to work long-haul flights during Ramadan cope with the workload and little daytime food? OR are they forced to eat on board for safety reasons? Any ideas?

I am an airline pilot with more than 20 years of experience but firstly I am a Muslim.  As a Muslim, when we travel, we do not have to observe the fasting of Ramadhan. We have been

Aircraft Ice and Rain Protection Systems

Ice protection systems are designed to keep atmospheric ice from accumulating on aircraft surfaces (particularly leading edges), such as wings, propellers, rotor blades, engine intakes, and environmental control intakes. If ice is allowed to build up to

Aircraft Propeller Engine Working System

Function of Airplane Propellers Coordinated balance between the four forces acting on an airplane; lift, weight, thrust and drag, enable an aircraft to fly. Propellers are primarily concerned with the force of thrust – engines deliver their

I could see an air hostess from my seat, she had tears in her eyes’: Eerie pictures emerge of passengers from Turkish Airlines flight THYZ726 fleeing after plane crash landed on a runway in Nepal with 235 people on board

Eerie pictures have emerged of hundreds of terrified passengers fleeing the foggy scene where a plane crash-landed in Nepal on Wednesday.Although all of the 224 passengers and 11 crew on board the Turkish Airline flight THY726 were

Why aren’t any stars visible when seen from airplanes flying at very high altitudes? Shouldn’t the sky be filled with stars due to the lack of clouds and light pollution?

Eugene Miya I will add a physiological factor from friends who work at Lick Observatory. One friend came back from Alaska after summiting Denali. One feature at many higher altitudes (Lick is not high) is that tanks

Airbus Developing Self-Driving Airborne Taxi Drone Vehicles For Testing This Year, Deployment In 2020

It appears that consumers are just now getting used to the idea of self-driving cars. Many mainstream car companies are offering vehicles with lane-keep assist, automatic cruise control, and auto braking. In addition, companies like Tesla and